this one is slightly more sexual than most. i’m okay with this

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I cannot get over Achilles’ face in this painting. Holy shit.

 He’s totally like: “Oh god, mom, put a fucking shirt on, I mean, what are you even doing? Can’t you see I’m busy lamenting the death of my boyfriend? Like I really need to see your tits at a time like this— YOU’RE SO EMBARRASSING MOM GAWD.”

 And the rest of the Greeks are jazz-handsing in the background. They’re all ‘WOAH LOOK AT THAT TOTALLY WICKED SET OF TITS— I MEAN ARMOUR. WOAH’

no mom


mom no




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he’s great at blending in

until you drag him

or reblog him

(maybe, depending on your layout)

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*collapses* *goes into cardiac arrest*

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Anonymous asked:
What mobile phone do you think each of the senshi would have?


Usagi- Her family seems pretty well off, so a pretty pink iPhone 5c. Ami and Mamoru are constantly having to tell her what each app does though because she forgets.

Ami- Samsung Galaxy s5, because it has more specs and features that appeal to Ami in comparison to an iPhone. It’s a little too big for her hands sometimes but it’s waterproof and that’s what really matters.

Rei- a very red Blackberry Bold. It’s not totally new yet still in IMMACULATE condition. She finds it easy to use (as Rei does not like touchscreen keyboards), it keeps track of her calendar, schedules, and its priority is the email feature so she can efficiently keep in touch with fellow students for events going on at her school.

Mako- Nokia Lumia. It’s a Windows Phone, so the setup is very simple but it’s still a smartphone, which is super exciting for Makoto. She’s still learning how to use the camera function because it’s not a disposable kodak.

Mina- A gold, jailbroken iPhone 5s in the GLITTERIEST CASE YOU WILL EVER SEE.

Chibiusa- In the future she has an iPhone2384739283928103 but when she’s staying with Usagi or Mamoru back in the past she has a pretty berry colored Samsung s4 waiting for her.

Setsuna- has that new Amazon Fire phone. She likes Amazon. Maybe a bit too much.

Michiru- A new white iPhone 5s. With no case on it, because Michiru is a brave soul.

Haruka- Michiru’s old iPhone 4s because she just lost hers for the 11th time and has yet to replace it.

Hotaru- Also has an iPhone 5c but in yellow; Haruka and Michiru can find her with the Find My iPhone app when they’ve lost her ((she’s usually in her room))


sure this has already been done but got bored and did the thing

chris is flirting with a scared pj and dan is fawning over a cute phil

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Where the hell are the Victorian Goths they should be all over this.


Vitamin String Quartet

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"With Korra, we didn’t want her to be perfect or have everything figured out. She was awesome at this one skill or this set of skills, but still had a lot of growing up to do. She’s basically a girl who was secluded away for most of her life at the south pole, didn’t really have any friends or close friends - and was set off into the world to like, not only save the world, but then have these relationships with people her age and stuff. You’re bound to make some stupid decisions or not say the right thing all the time. But I think once people sees the full series arc she goes through… you know, she comes to a nice place."

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This feeling… It feels familiar. Soft and warm… Sweet lips…

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